"Embracing Discipline: Unlocking True Potential"

“Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise.” 

What it is trying to say-

Arjuna's mind was filled with self-doubt before fighting the battle of kurukshetra. He was assuming his enemies as his teachers, brothers and sons. His mind was attached with the illusions and he couldn't separate between right and wrong.  At that time Lord Krishna reminded Arjuna that those people who used to be his friends, brothers, family members are the one who is in the opponent side of the battlefield. Arjuna had forgotten that now they are his enemy and are willing to fight a battle against him. Arjuna must accept this thing and should start preparation from his own side. It requires self knowledge and self discipline which will clear the doubt in our heart and mind. In order to make you more clear, we have presented a beautiful story below.


Once upon a time, in a small village nestled among towering mountains. There lived a young boy named Kieran. Kieran was known for his undisciplined nature. He  lacked of focus in his daily activities. His parents were were strict adherents of discipline. They were concerned about his wayward behavior.

Kieran's father was a wise and learned man. He was well-versed in multiple disciplines. He believed that discipline was the key to success and inner peace. He had answer of the best way to discipline a teenager. He often spoke about the importance of self-discipline. He knew how it could sever the ignorant doubt in one's heart. He had also taught others about the best way to discipline your teenager in his village.

One day, Kieran's father sat him down and said, "Son, it's time for you to observe your discipline. It's not only about following rules but also about understanding the value it brings to your life. Discipline is like a sword, and self-knowledge is the shield that protects you."

Kieran, intrigued by his father's words, asked, "But what is discipline, Father?"

His father smiled and replied, "Discipline is like a multi-discipline, encompassing various aspects of life. There's discipline in the arts, sciences, humanities, and even in our daily routines. It can spell the difference between success and failure."

Kieran's father continued to explain the significance of discipline. He spoke about bondage and discipline. He explained how adhering to a set of principles can lead to freedom instead of confinement. He also mentioned professional discipline. He highlighted the importance of maintaining a high standard of conduct in one's work.

"But what happens if one strays from best discipline?" Kieran asked, being curious.

His father's expression turned serious. "Well, my son, there are corrective measures. Sometimes, a public reprimand is necessary to remind us of the importance of discipline. It may seem harsh, but it helps us grow and learn from our mistakes."

Kieran's father also shared stories of the god of discipline from ancient legends. He spoke of the discipline in Hebrew teachings. He stressed that discipline wasn't just about punishment. It was about guiding oneself and others toward the right path.

Kieran was inspired by his father's teachings. He decided to embrace strict discipline in his life. He woke up early every day. He followed a disciplined routine, and focused on his studies. Slowly, he began to see the positive changes discipline brought to his life.

As Kieran started to exhibit more discipline, he noticed a transformation within himself. He started reading the best books on self-discipline such as- the power of sub-conscious mind  .He became more organized, diligent, and responsible. His friends and teachers began to commend him for his commitment and determination.

One day, during a class presentation, Kieran's teacher commended him for his discipline. It was an oral reprimand that was music to Kieran's ears. He had come a long way from his previous state of in-discipline.

With each passing day, Kieran continued to decode the disciplines in his life. He understood that discipline wasn't just about following rules blindly. It was about finding the right balance. It was about the discipline of the mind, body, and spirit.

Kieran realized about the discipline he had embraced had become a major discipline in his life. He saw discipline as a guiding light. It was illuminating his path towards success and fulfillment. He no longer saw it as a burden . But as a means of self-improvement and growth.

As Kieran's journey continued, he became an example to others. His transformation inspired many others. They learnt to take control of their lives through discipline. He became a beacon of hope. He started teaching others the value of discipline and the joy it could bring.

And so, Kieran's story reminds us all that severing the ignorant doubt in our hearts is possible when we observe our discipline. By embracing discipline, we can rise above our limitations and unlock our true potential.


1.What a discipline really means?

Discipline really means the practice of self-control. It means adherence to rules or principles. The ability to maintain order and focus in one's actions and behavior is called discipline.

2.What is the short meaning of a discipline? 

 The short meaning of discipline is the act of following rules, exhibiting self-control, and maintaining order.

3. What is a discipline in nepali?

In Nepali, discipline is referred to as "अनुशासन" (Anushasan).

4. What is a student discipline?

Student discipline refers to the rules, regulations, and code of conduct. Students are expected to follow them in educational settings, emphasizing behavior, punctuality, respect, and academic focus.

My experience of practicing self-discipline

Here I will share my short story about my self-discipline habit and a short review on the book which I have recommended you. I used to sleep up to 10 am in the morning and my parents always scold me. I also always wanted to get out of this daily routine. Then, I searched in a google and purchased a book called the power of subconscious mind(although I also have purchased many other books).  Slowly I started implementing those lessons in my daily life which were recommended by that book. After 2-3 months I felt change within myself. I started waking up at 6:00 am because now I have a purpose to wake up early. My mom is also happy with me because I have started helping her to cook food and vegetables. My dad noticed a change upon me and he commented in this topic. The main thing which I learnt from that book is about changing one's mindset. It takes a time but after that you will get many things. You can also try to develop your own reading habit like me. 

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