"Embracing Life's Journey: The Power of Unbridled Passion"

“You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.” 

Its explanation:-

This statement was said by Lord Krishna in bhagwat geeta. He told Arjun that every human in this world has a tendency to put very less effort on work. On the other hand they have a lot of expectations. This is the wrong way of thinking. A person should never desire the results of their work. It is because expectation is very painful. A person must do his karma(work) and dedicate its good result to god, whatever may be its outcomes. So lets begin a story of a young man who is a normal human like you and me. He had misunderstood about passion and later get corrected by Lord Krishna's Philosophy.


Once upon a time there lived a young man named Raj. He used to live in a small village. It was nestled at the foot of a magnificent mountain range. Raj was a diligent and hardworking individual. He believed in the power of passion. From a young age, he was well educated . He had been taught about passion. It was the driving force behind success and fulfillment in life.

Raj was always curious about the meaning of passion. He wanted to know  what it truly entailed. He delved into books, seeking answers. He even consulted the wise elders of his village. It was during one of these conversations when discovered the profound meaning of passion.

"Passion is the fire that burns within you," the village elder explained . It is the deep connection. You have that bond with something that drives you to excel, to create, and to embrace life with fervor.

Raj was intrigued by this definition. He wanted to explore his own passion. He wondered if there was something he was deeply connected to. He wanted something that would ignite the fire within him. His quest for passion led him to delve into various activities. He switched from painting to playing musical instruments. He also tried from writing to exploring the wilderness. However, he couldn't find that one thing. That was supposed to be resonated with him.

One day, as Raj was pondering his quest. He came across a book on the teachings of the ancient philosopher Krishna. He stumbled upon a profound statement, "You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions."

These words struck a chord within Raj. He realized that passion was not just about finding one's calling. It was also about embracing the journey without attachment to the outcome. It wasn't about chasing success or fame. It was about wholeheartedly dedicating oneself. Involving to the present moment and the task at hand.

Raj was happy with this newfound understanding. He started to approach life with passion. He was doing it regardless of the activity. He did it with unwavering passion and enthusiasm. Even though it was tending to his garden, painting a canvas, or engaging in conversations with his loved ones.

People around Raj noticed the change in him. His friends admired his zest for life. His family marveled at his dedication to even the smallest of tasks. Raj became known as the passionate lover of life. He radiated joy and contentment in all that he did.

The holy week known as the Passion Week in the village used to be celebrated once a year. Raj's commitment to living with passion reached new heights. He immersed himself in the festivities. He did it not merely as a spectator but as an active participant. He danced with passion, sang with passion, and celebrated the joy of life. He did it with each and every fiber of his being.

Raj's fiery passion became contagious as time passed. People started seeking his guidance. They wanted to learn on how to find their own passions and live with unbridled enthusiasm. Raj had a passion for helping others. He gladly shared his insights and encouraged everyone to embrace their unique journey.

Raj realized that passion wasn't confined to a single pursuit or activity. He realized it through his own experiences. It was a state of mind or a way of being. Every action became meaningful with passion. Every task an opportunity for growth and self-expression.

Raj discovered that the true essence of passion lay in the journey itself in the end. It wasn't about the fruits of his actions or the external recognition he received. It was about the deep connection he felt within. The passionate affection which he had for life. Raj continued to live his life with passion. He also inspired others to do the same as he did. He understood that the true joy of living lies in embracing each moment with unwavering passion.


1) What is the true meaning of a passion?

The true meaning of passion is an intense and unwavering devotion. An enthusiasm towards a particular activity, pursuit, or cause.

2) What is your passion in daily life?

Your passion in life should be anything. Like whatever brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

3) What words mean by a passion?

Enthusiasm, fervor, ardor, zeal, and fire are some words. They all convey the meaning of passion.

4) What does greatest passion means?

Greatest passion refers to the intense and unwavering enthusiasm. It is the dedication one has towards a particular interest, activity, or pursuit.

My perception

Every single man in this world want to be something. Everyone want to achieve a successful life. The one of the main key elements to gain it is through your passion. I mean to say, how badly a person is wanting to get that thing. So you may think how to develop a passion. In order to develop a passion, you need to convince yourself what you really want. Once your brain understand your desire then it will automatically motivate you towards that path. To convince your brain(I mean yourself) you should have the proper knowledge of how your brain works. You should go in front of mirror and say to yourself, "I want this thing" or " I want to become this person". Then, once your brain understands your command then it will start working for you. I get this knowledge from a book called  The power of positive Thinking. So I recommend you to read this book daily. It will change your life, beleive me. But you also should keep in mind few things.
1) Being a rich always doesn't means being a happy.
2) Give time to yourself, talk to yourself at least one hour a day. Read books to upgrade your knowledge.
3) Do not think too much about results of the work you have done. Dedicate it to god and hope for better results. 

I hope you have understand it well. Thank you

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