"From Self-Control to Success: One Man's Journey to Inspire"

"Self-control is the Mantra of Success"

How is it a mantra of success?

The above statement was given by Lord krishna on the battlefield of kurukshetra. He tells Arjuna how we are being controlled by our senses and what are the possible ways to get win on ourselves. Here we present you a beautiful story on "Self-control". The meaning of "Mantra" is a sacred sentence which is believed to have spiritual powers. This story could be proved as an example of self control for students.


Adam was a young man. He used to live in a little village tucked away among rolling hills. Adam was a regular guy with lofty goals and a eager will to achieve success. Reading about success, hard work slogans, and motivational speeches by notable speakers. Such as Napoleon Hill all served as inspiration for him. Adam started practicing it as his goal to develop self control quality inside himself. Since he thought that self-control was the key to success. He also believed that discipline is destiny the power of self control.

Adam would get up early each morning and say positive affirmations. He would stand in front of the mirror and repeat affirmations. He said, "I have the will to overcome any obstacle," . He also repeated,"I am capable of achieving greatness." His motivation was boosted by these affirmations. He was also provided direction for the day.(You should also repeat this at least 15 minutes a day which develops your positive mental attitude.)w

Adam as methodical in his approach. He was aware that success requires preparation. He created a through success plan that outlined the actions.He would need to follow inorder to succeed. He researched the success ideas and absorbed the successful practices of accomplished people. Adam devoured business books and soaked in the knowledge of wise people.(Break difficult work into smaller sections and try to solve them, you will get your results)

From the book written by Carol Dweck's on mindset. One of his favorite success statements is, "The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life." Adam was reminded by this quote of the significance of having a growth mentality and self-belief.He begun self-help for his anger management.(Everything depends upon your mindset)

Adam faced many difficulties as he set out on his journey. He had difficulties and experienced self-doubt during the first 90 days. It made him extra difficult. But he persisted, reminding himself that success is a continuous process of growth and learning. It is not a destination.

Adam learned about the effectiveness of the success pyramid. It is an idea made well-known by the famous basketball coach John Wooden. He came to understand that success is based on a strong foundation. The foundation of diligence, self-control, and morality. Adam worked hard to live up to these ideals in every part of his everyday life. Each block of the pyramid stood for a critical success factor, from self-control to teamwork.(Make your rules or principles of self discipline)

Adam understood the value of recognizing and appreciating tiny accomplishments along the way as he pursued success. He realized that one's journey is made up of a number of moment. Rather than a single success or failure. No matter how minor the accomplishment, he treasured it and utilized it as a springboard to advance.

Adam's tenacity and restraint started to pay off. He became a role model for others by imparting his success advice and inspirational sayings to those around him. He espoused the idea that success is open to people of all backgrounds and genders and exhorted both sexes to work tirelessly toward their goals.

Many people were moved by his success story. He was asked to deliver presentations on success and failure. Adam talked fervently about the law of attraction and the importance of thinking positively. He discussed successful manifestation examples and stressed the significance of matching one's behaviors to one's goals.

Adam gained notoriety over time and developed a reputation as a success insider. People looking to realize their own potential sought for his advice and instruction. Adam committed himself to assisting others. He helps others in finding their road to success as he accepted his responsibility.

Adam came to understand that success isn't just about achieving your own goals. But also having a beneficial influence on the world. He established programs to aid in student progress and collaborated with groups to encourage cooperation and teamwork.

Adam learned from his experience a lot. He cane to know self-control is the key to success in the end. It served as the cornerstone for all of his aspirations and accomplishments. Adam altered his life and encouraged countless others to do the same.  unyielding dedication, a growth mentality, and a heart full of gratitude are some key elements of success.


1. What is the full meaning of a success?

Achieving desired goals, finding personal fulfillment, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Satisfaction in a variety of spheres of life. It includes work, relationships, and personal development. They are all part of what it truly means to be successful.

2. What is your idea of a success?

In order for me to be a successful person, I must always work to fulfill my potential. It helps me find purpose and enjoyment in what I do and has a positive impact on others.

3. What is the meaning of a success in a sentence?

The achievement of one's aims and dreams through tenacity, diligence, and unwavering confidence in oneself can be summed up as success.

4.  What is the importance of a success? 

Success is significant when it can inspire and motivate people. It is to overcome obstacles, advance personally and professionally, and make constructive societal contributions. It gives people a sense of direction, contentment, and satisfaction. It inspires them to follow their passions and achieve significant goals in life.

My viewpoint on success

I was on depression as every other normal humans since the beginning of 2021. I was wandering here and there in order to fight my depression. Then one day I got a recommendation from a well-known motivational speaker named Vivek Bindra. Here is his youtube channel link. He told that Bhagwat geeta is the biggest motivational book. I started reading geeta and it was really helpful for me. Since that day, I have been reading geeta till today. From geeta I came to know about life and success. After fighting one and a half year with depression now I am free from that pain. It was a great success for me. If you want to gain some extra knowledge then I recommend you to buy and read BHAGWAT GEETA(i.e. the song of a god). Initially it is hard to understand but when you will start understanding it, you will become intelligent.

I came to know that success is a journey. It is not about achieving only one trophy or holding one position. I also got knowledge that controlling one's desire could end most of our problems in our daily life.Then, the success follows you when you end your problems. Try it.

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