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#9)”Anger story: A guru of its management technique🤬🤬🤬”

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“One who is angry does not distinguish between what can be spoken and what is unspeakable. There is nothing which an angry man cannot do meaning he can commit any crime. There is nothing unspeakable for him.”

1) Meaning of this anger quote in English: –

This statement is from the famous epic called Ramayana📜📜📜. Basically, this quote is talking about the character of a person who is in irritation. He may not know proper management techniques. Have you ever remembered when you are angry then you may have shouted at someone but later regretted it.
We can’t even control ourselves when we are angry and end up by saying some uncomfortable words to others or doing some destructive things. We don’t know about right or wrong at that time. So, Let’s begin a anger story of a man named max👨‍🚒👨‍🚒👨‍🚒. He later became leader of fury management council by changing himself.

2) Short story on anger destroys everything: –

anger story

Once upon a time there was the peaceful town called Harmonyville.  Max was a man who used to live there. Max was well known for his explosive temper. He had earned quite a reputation for his rage issues. It was like a monster that lurked inside him. It was ready to pounce with a small provocation too👺👺👺.
Max’s frightening level of anger was like a non-existent domain. He was often fly off the handle even at the smallest things. He unleashed a torrent of words and gestures for others if someone accidentally bumped into him on the street.
The tiniest inconvenience was also okay to send him into an angry mood. That mood could last for hours. 🕜🕜🕜 He could not differentiate between annoyance and peace.
It was seemed that Max’s problem has been out of control lately. He would get angry at life instantly. He blamed the world for his problems. His explosive intermittent disorder made something unpredictable. People were afraid of him. His friends and family always tried to help him.
They suggested to do meditation for anger control and said, ‘when you’re bitter in life you should follow our tips.’ He would simply ignore off🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷. He tried to convince them that he had no medication to control it.
One day Max was walking through the park. He accidentally stepped on a child’s toy and broke it. The child’s mother saw all the happening in that park. She approached towards Max calmly. She was sitting next to him👩👩👩.
“I can understand that accidents happen in life,” she said. She was trying to convince him gently, “please be more careful next time.”
Max could not distinguish between what could be spoken and what was unspeakable merch. He was unable to control fury as he was totally consumed by it. He shouted on that woman. His words were dripping with rage. He had crossed a line. The woman’s face was turned into pale with a fear😨😨😨.
Max’s anger was continuing to wreak havoc in his life. His tale was known to everyone. He lost his friends, job and opportunities due to his character. He lost the trust of his own family and friends. His too much explosive mindset had become like a barrier between him and the rest of the world.
He was trapped in its cycle🔁🔃🔁. He was unable to break and be free from it.
Max hit a bottom of a rock one day. He realized that his anger had caused him nothing. It rather gave pain and suffering in his life. He sought help from a local guidance counselor. 🧑👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 He was very desperate to change his life.
Max began to understand the root causes of his problem. He did it through therapy and counseling.  He learned to control his temper and express his exasperation in healthy ways. Meditation and prayer for became a part of his daily routine🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘. It was helping him to find an inner peace.
Max’s anger started to subside gradually. He did not feel like he need to get angry with small things. He discovered that he could deal with frustration and stress. He was doing it even without resorting to it. His monster began to lose its power over him👿👿👿.
Max rebuilt his relationships with time and regained the trust of his loved ones. He even became an advocate for its management. He shared his chronicle to help others who were struggling with such issues📒📒📒. He even provided best homeo medicine to control it for them. Max knew that it was not an inherently bad thing. It was just needed to be maintained in the right way.
Max reflected these things on his journey. He realized that a person who was angry does not had committed any crime. There is a way to control anger and choose a different path. The unspeakable things that it was able to drive a person to do are not inevitable to solve.
It was always possible to break free from its chains. It is done through self-awareness, therapy, and support from the loved ones👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩.
Max continued his journey. He did it not see it as a destructive force. He viewed it as a reminder of his own strength and resilience. Now it is a gift for him. It is an energy if it is used wisely. He had conquered his rage and found a newfound sense of peace within himself.
Now, people from village have started to come to him to learn about prayer. He was realizing it was like a transitory state of consciousness. He teaches them without hesitation. He teaches them to chant “OM,” a sacred mantra to control it🕉️🕉️🕉️.

3) My Simple tips to control anger: –

Dear Reader,
Controlling anger is a practice which need to be learnt on daily basis. I have been practicing self-awareness. For that you need to practice meditation every day. You may had heard that success is the journey not the destination.
In the same way you need to learn meditation every day. Many people complains that their anger is out of control. It helps to empty our mind from those thoughts which are the causes of anger in our mind🧠🧠🧠. You should remember that sometimes it is the part of you that loves you and act as a defensive force.
Slowly you will develop self-awareness after some time. Once your mind is empty then you need knowledge to educate yourself. I recommend you read good books📚📘📖.
They will help you to keep busy and provide valuable information. It is only you who can convince yourself about your fury. Buddha once said that holding it is like grasping a hot coal. I hope this narrative have helped you to gain some knowledge about a peace.
For short tempered people I recommend staying away from its cause. It is like a depression turned outward in a form of energy of mind. You should try this management techniques for adults daily.
•Meditation for anger control(morning)
•Read books (1 page per day)
•Give time to yourself
•Stay away from toxic People
•Believe in God and do prayer for anger control
You should remember anger is the punishment which we give to ourselves.
Thank you!

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