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#7)”Anger story: Timmy’s Lesson in Anger”🤬🤬🤬”

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“One who is angry does not distinguish between what can be spoken and what is unspeakable. There is nothing which an angry man cannot do meaning he can commit any crime. There is nothing unspeakable for him.”

1) Meaning of this anger quote in English: –

This statement is from the famous epic called Ramayana📜📜📜. Basically, this quote is talking about the character of a person who is in irritation. He may not know proper management techniques. Have you ever remembered when you are angry then you may have shouted at someone but later regretted it.
We can’t even control ourselves when we are angry and end up by saying some uncomfortable words to others or doing some destructive things. We don’t know about right or wrong at that time. So, Let’s begin a anger story of a man named ax👨‍🚒👨‍🚒👨‍🚒. He later became leader of fury management council by changing himself.

2) Short story on anger destroys everything: –

anger story

Once upon a time there was a peaceful village. A young boy, whose name was Timmy, used to live in that village. Timmy was known for his kind heart and gentle nature. He always helped his friends and neighbors in their difficult times. Everyone loved him in his village due to his gentle behavior.

A powerful storm hit the village one day. It was destroying many houses and causing a lot of chaos. People were very worried at that time. They started to blame each other for the damage which was caused by storm. Angry voices was filling in the air.

Timmy used to be a person of calm nature. But he also felt his anger that day. People were blaming him for not securing his house properly. He got really upset by hearing those words. He picked up a big stick and threatened to hit his friend Benny. He believed that it was a fault of Benny.

The village elder was a Wise Old Owl. He saw all activities that was happening there. He intervened in a right time and tried to convince Timmy. He said, “Timmy, my child,  we lose control of our words and actions in anger. One who is angry does not distinguish between what can be spoken and what is unspeakable. There is nothing an angry person cannot do.”

Timmy realized his mistake and put a stick down. He apologized to Benny and hugged him tightly. The villagers learned an important lesson about anger. They worked together to rebuild their homes.

They understood that it was okay to feel angry sometime. It was also important to calm down and think before doing something harmful. The village became even stronger because they knew the power of kindness and forgiveness. Timmy also continued to love everyone by his big heart and wise actions.

3) My Simple tips to control anger: –

Dear Reader,
Controlling anger is a practice which need to be learnt on daily basis. I have been practicing self-awareness. For that you need to practice meditation every day. You may had heard that success is the journey not the destination.
In the same way you need to learn meditation every day. Many people complains that their anger is out of control. It helps to empty our mind from those thoughts which are the causes of anger in our mind🧠🧠🧠. You should remember that sometimes it is the part of you that loves you and act as a defensive force.
Slowly you will develop self-awareness after some time. Once your mind is empty then you need knowledge to educate yourself. I recommend you read good books📚📘📖.
They will help you to keep busy and provide valuable information. It is only you who can convince yourself about your fury. Buddha once said that holding it is like grasping a hot coal. I hope this narrative have helped you to gain some knowledge about a peace.
For short tempered people I recommend staying away from its cause. It is like a depression turned outward in a form of energy of mind. You should try this management techniques for adults daily.
•Meditation for anger control(morning)
•Read books (1 page per day)
•Give time to yourself
•Stay away from toxic People
•Believe in God and do prayer for anger control
You should remember anger is the punishment which we give to ourselves.
Thank you!

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