#20) “Choose Happiness for living🙃🙃🙃:The Village of Happy Souls”

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“Every kind of happiness and unhappiness results from attachment.”

1) Meaning of this attachment and choose happiness quote:-

This attachment quotes refer to our strong emotional bonds to certain aspects of our life. They are often driven by our desires. It generally happens when we are attached to a particular outcome. Such as:- we experience happiness when we get a promotion at work🧑‍🚒🧑‍🚒🧑‍🚒.

Our attachments are not met then we may experience a disappointment😏😏😏. It is our choice weather we choose happiness or sadness.

2) Happiness is a choice story:-

Choose happiness

Once upon a time there was a small village🏞️🏞️🏞️. Lily was a cheerful young girl who used to live there. She used to believe in the power of happiness. She lived her life by saying her favorite motto, “Every kind of happiness and unhappiness are results of an attachment.” Her life was running on keep busy keep happy formula.
A positive outlook of Lily made her a happier person other people. She knew that true happiness came from inside us. She used to practice such things which keep her happy every day🌅🌅🌅. She was living in a happier environment by surrounding herself with the best feeling of happiness thoughts. She was filling her mind with joyful images and in this way, she keep happy to herself💁💁💁.
She always used to say, ” I have too much happiness inside my mind. I am a happy person!”. She did it to remind herself about her own happiness☺️☺️☺️. Lily discovered that there was an International Day of Happiness which comes once in a year.
Lily was feeling thrilled when she was celebrating this special day. She thought to celebrate this day by spreading happiness to everyone in her village🏞️🏞️🏞️. She shared her happy thoughts to everyone in English. She was also inspiring other people to embrace a true happiness in life.
The happiness of Lily was infectious. Her village was known as the “Village of Happy Souls.” People from far away were coming to visit and experience a joy of that village. They came there to feel the positivity which was filled in an atmosphere of the village. They learned that the best feeling of happiness is a choice. The purpose of their life was to be a happy person.

The happiness of lily caught an attention of the World Happiness Report in 2022. The report recognized her village as one of the happiest places on Earth🌎🌎🌎. A simple yet profound philosophy of Lily was attracting other people to her secrets of happiness. It was even attracting an attention of many researchers and happiness enthusiasts.

She was still remaining humble although the world was celebrating her happy life🧘🧘🧘. She knew that money couldn’t buy happiness. The true happiness came from little things which are enjoyable in life. She used to believe that simplicity was the key to happiness. She also encouraged everyone to be happy with whatever things which they had.

The happiness of Lily was also stemming from her deep connections with other people. She used to believe that happiness was only real when shared with another person👫👫👫. She was cherishing happy memories and creating a happy store in her village. People were allowed to come there. They were exchanging their happy words and stories in that store.

Lily continued her pursuit of happiness. One day she knew about the concept of “Ikigai“. It was the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. She realized the meaning of finding happiness also involves following a passion of a person. It is a subject of being true to ourself. Lily also inspired other people to find their own “ikigai.”

The contagious happiness of Lily was also reached to her own mom🤱🤱🤱. She was going through a tough time. Her mom discovered her own authentic happiness with a support and love from Lily❤️❤️❤️. They learned about feeling of happiness which could be found in a small of moment. Being happy in a life was a choice they had a right to choose it every day.

The impact on happiness of Lily was extending beyond her village. Her story was touching a life of people from every corner of earth. The happiness hypothesis became like a topic of discussion. Lily’s name was also mentioned along with renowned happiness researchers like Robert Waldinger and Neil Pasricha.

The message of Lily was simple but also had a deeper meaning inside it. It was “choose happy”. She used to believe that a happy mind can lead to a happy life. An influence of Lily on the science of well-being and the pursuit of happiness was widely Famous. She also published a book which was based on her own experience on happiness. Her book, “Happy Me,” became a bestseller.

Lily’s village was known as the happiest place on Earth🌎🌎🌎. It was according to the World Happiness Report. People from different places on earth continued to visit her village. They were seeking the happiness that was radiating from every corner of a village.

The journey of Lily taught us about every kind of happiness and unhappiness results from attachment. We all can experience the true meaning of happiness. It is done by letting go of our attachments and embracing the joy in life. So let us remember Lily’s words and stay happy. For us happiness is a choice and we can make it every day.

3) If there is attachment then there is also detachment:-

Dear reader,
The concept of detachment is not new in Eastern civilization🏡🏡🏡. From the Vedic Period thousands of people are trying to get detached from this temporary illusions of the world.
They also found out that a person can get detached by different ways. One of the gurus(teachers) is very popular among the finders of way of detachment. He is Lord Buddha. I followed him for finding happiness in me☝️☝️☝️.
In order to get detached we should learn how we are attached with this world in first place. Then only we can  succeed👨‍🎓👨‍🎓👨‍🎓. It may take few seconds or multiple years.  It depends upon your Karma.
Knowing about yourself is not a destination. It is a process, a journey🛤️🛤️🛤️.  You must get detached to have sudden feeling of happiness. Then only you can say I found happiness in me.  Thank you.

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