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#4)”Freedom story in English: Finding the Meaning of Life🧬🧬🧬”

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“Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom.”

1) Explanation of this short self-freedom quote in English about life: –

I have written a freedom story in English which further explains a meaning of this quote. In the above statement “me” actually refers to a god. We humans have a very bad habit that we work for one day and expect to eat its fruit daily.

We should remember that it is a state of mind. For example, if we exercised for one day in a week while sleeping in a bed for rest of the days doesn’t make our body fit.

As exercise should be practiced daily in order to remain healthy, humans must pray God on daily basis to be freed from pain and suffering😣😣😣. We should have a strong desire for freedom. Our voice will reach towards him one day. We also have a bad habit that we work little but expect too much.

This expectation or fruits of your deeds is painful if you haven’t put a lot of effort. You should understand that writing an exam is completely in your hand but giving better marks is not. So, believe in your action but expect too much from it💪💪💪.

Then, you won’t get attached to its results and your mind will be free from sin. You should remember that freedom is not free, and you have to pay something for it. So, lets read a chronicle about Michael who used to have similar kind of thinking, but it got changed later.

2) One short motivational freedom story in English with a moral lesson: –

freedom story in English

Once upon a time there was a small town. A wise old man named Ravi used to live in that town. He was known for his calm and peaceful nature. A curious young villager, whose name was Arjun, approached to Ravi one day.

He asked to Ravi, “How  can you be always so calm and content? The rest of us are always worrying about an outcome of our actions.”

Ravi smiled by hearing his words. He replied, “Arjun, I have learned a valuable lesson in my life. I do my best in everything. I also don’t worry about its results. I believe that actions should not cling to me because I am not attached to their results.

Those who understand this and practice it, those people live in a freedom.”

Arjun was puzzled by his statement. “We should not be concerned on results of our hard work. How is this possible?”

Ravi explained him briefly, ” We should put in our best effort in our works. We must understand that the outcomes are not always in our control. Sometimes, things may not go as planned despite of our best efforts.

If we are too attached to the results then we will suffer when things don’t go on our way.”

Arjun decided to try this wisdom in his life. He started working diligently from that day. He was also making sure that he was not worrying about its consequences. He realized that he was lighter and happier than before. He was not burdened by the fear of failure.

Arjun learned about a technique of living in freedom. He shared his knowledge with other people in his city. He dedicated his time in spreading the message of a peaceful and content life.

3) My knowledge to get emancipation from distraction: –

Dear Reader,

Rousseau once said that “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.” It means that when we are born, we do not have any problems in our life. But as the time passed by, our responsibilities increase along with our mental tension🧠🧠🧠.

Although we are not physically held by chains but due to the different rules and limitations we are mentally held by some force. The only way to get out from this world of Illusion and suffering is by getting knowledge. In order to acquire knowledge our mind must be healthy and empty.

I recommend you practice meditation at least one hour a day. Meditation itself do not give us knowledge but prepare our brain to get and store lot of knowledge. It helps to fight against mental depression and free from sin. Then, you will find the pleasure of freedom.

Remember that “the prospect of freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Thank you!

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