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#5)”Grandpa Leo’s wisdom story on Action and Inaction.”

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“Even the wise are confused about what is action and what is inaction.”

1) Explanation of this short wisdom quote about life: –

First of all, we must be cleared about whom to call an intelligent person. Our mind is like a clever monkey which knows everything but still is controlled🐵🐵🐵.

We all organisms are believed to be controlled by our senses. You may think,” well, I am not controlled by anything.” Okay think about lemon for 1 minute.

Does your mouth start watering??? I think probably yes. Have you ever noticed yourself when you watch about tasty food items in YouTube, and you automatically have an urge to eat that food🥨🥪🥟. You may notice this one day in your life. That is not the hunger of your stomach.

Actually, that is the hunger of your mind. So, wise person is someone who is not controlled by their senses. Wise persons have a clear vision about what to do and what not to do. They can control themselves. But our senses are too much powerful that sometimes it may even distract that person👀👂👃.

They also may be confused in some part of their life. So, let’s begin a story of monkey who was brilliant but had a partial knowledge. The monkey story tells us how he gained full knowledge about action and inaction📔📕📖.

2) Wisdom story in English:- 

Once upon a time there was a small village. A wise old man named Grandpa Leo used to live in that village. He was known for his wisdom and kindness. A group of curious children gathered around him one day. They were eager to learn something new from him.

Grandpa Leo smiled at the children. He said, “My dear little friends, even the wise are confused about what is action and what is inaction.”

The children were puzzled by hearing that statement from him. They looked at each other in a confusion. They were wondered to know that a wise man like Grandpa Leo also could be confused in something. So, they asked him, “Grandpa Leo, can you explain it to us? we want to learn about it.”

Grandpa Leo tilted his head slightly towards them. He started  to tell them a story. “Once upon a time there was a little squirrel. His name was Sammy. Sammy loved to gather acorns. He saw a big, juicy acorn one day. It was hanging from a tree branch. He thought about climbing up to get it. But suddenly another thought came into his mind. He was now in a confusion.  He was thinking weather he should climb tree and take acorn or leave it as it was.

The children were listening carefully to Grandpa Leo’s words. He continued his tale, “Sammy decided to climb a tree and take that acorn in the end, . That is action my dear children. When you make a choice and do something, that’s called action.”

The children nodded their heads in understanding. They were still curious about inaction. Grandpa Leo smiled at them. He said, “If Sammy would have just stood there. If he was staring at the acorn without doing anything at all, then it was an inaction.”

The children giggled after realizing his meaning. Sometimes we shouldn’t choose to do anything and it is still a right choice. Grandpa Leo’s wisdom had taught them a valuable lesson that day. They all thanked him and went to play their games.

3) The misconceptions about being a clever person in society.

Dear Reader,
In our society we may encounter a person who is supposed to be called smart just because he has the ability to trick others. He may be called a trickster but not wise🃏🃏. The real meaning of “clever” or “intelligent” is a person whose senses are in his own control.
It is very difficult to be a wise person. You should understand that too clever is dumb.
It requires meditation practices which helps you to empty your mind and raise consciousness in you. Then through the knowledge you can become a wise person.
I recommend you read “Chanakya Niti“. I personally read it to gain some extra knowledge in life. Thank you!

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