28) “Jack’s Quest for Peace of mind and Freedom:The Mind’s Liberation”

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“It is the mind of man alone that is the cause of his bondage or freedom.”

1) What is bondage and freedom???

The mind quotes about a peace of mind is suggesting about the state of being bound or free is primarily determined by our human mind. “Bondage” refers to a state of being restricted. While “freedom” represents a state of independence.

We have a full potential to experience a freedom and a peace in our life. We can have conscious control over our thought and actions. So let’s start the long path to freedom story of Jack . He saved his village from a chaos of evil professor.

2) A perfect peace story:-

Peace of mind

Once upon a time there was a quaint little village. A young man named Jack used to live there. Jack was really intrested in the power of the mind. He believed that the power of the mind was holding the key to both bondage and freedom. He was totally inspired by a book named ‘my bondage and my freedom‘. It was written by frederick Douglass.

Jack was striving to achieve a state of a mental peace every day. He used to sit under a towering oak tree. He was closing his eyes and breathe deeply.  He found a solace in this tranquil setting. It was away from the chaos of the world. It was on his way of escaping the troubles. It was going to blow his mind.

“Never mind the distractions,” Jack was reminding himself during meditation. He was going deep into his subconscious state. He was also understanding the importance of nurturing a sharp mind. It was holding the potential to shape his destiny.

Jack encountered a man named Zen Master Zhang one day. The old sage was possessing an open mind. He was speaking of the power of a zen state of mind. Jack was now seeking for his guidance. Master Zhang taught him about the art of mindfulness. He also taught that a healthy mind in a healthy body was the key to true liberation.

Jack knew Little about a lurking danger which was threatening his meditation for mental peace. A notorious villain known as Professor Chaos was in his city. He was planning to hack into people’s brains. He thought to manipulate their thoughts and rendering them lost minds. Jack was also planning to overcome this treacherous scheme. He wanted to protect his community.

Jack was devising a plan to counteract the brain hacking using his brilliant mind. He gathered a group of like-minded individuals. They were sharing his goal of preserving the freedom of thought. They formed the Great Mind Think Alike Society Together.

They went in their journey of safeguarding minds. They were embarking on a journey which was filled with adventure and suspense. Jack’s inquisitive mind was letting them to unravel clues. He was also solving puzzles and helping to overcome countless obstacles. Let me remind you that it was not a easy task. They were too much determined in order to succeed.

The society encountered many people who were already under the influence of Professor Chaos. They were venturing further and finding such reality. These unfortunate souls were slipped into an unsound mind. They were completely left on the mercy of their captor. The Great Mind Think Alike Society vowed to free them. They believed that everyone deserved a sound mind in a sound body.

Their mission was becoming clear when they step forward. It was to liberate thought and restore control to their minds. The scattered brain was no match for their united front. They were also discovering the secret of thought control. They also realized that the power was lying inside themselves.

Their relentless efforts  was paying off and they finally confronted Professor Chaos. They fought and fought and kept on fighting with him. The Great Mind Think Alike Society was emerging as a victorious in a mind-blowing battle of wits. Professor Chaos was finally defeated and his influence on their minds was shattered.

A sense of peace was restored to the village. The villagers were celebrating a defeat of evil professor. Jack had used his rational mind and unwavering determination. It was to bring harmony back in their life.

It was helping them to be free from worldly attachments and desires. The villagers were learning about the importance of maintaining meditation and mental peace. It was the cornerstone of their well-being.

The village was thriving with mental peace and tranquility from that day forward. A bravery and wisdom of Jack was earning him the admiration of his community. He became an embodiment of the saying “A sound mind in a sound body.”

An adventure of Jack was teaching him as having a freedom and peace was possible. We should do it with  with an open mind and a courageous heart. He was going to be remembered as the hero. The one who never lost his mind and fought for the freedom of thought. He was able to extract freedom from bondage and slavery.

3) My perception on freedom and peace of mind:-

Dear reader,

I want to share my understanding about bondage and the way to be free from it. First of all, bondage always do not refer to physical bonds. Here we are talking about emotional and social bonds through which we are connected with each other.

Our brain is made in such a way that it takes anything as it is feed. Our subconscious brain cannot separate good or evil. Here we will learn to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Having a good social relationship is better thing but we should also train our mind about the reality of the world. It can be done through self knowledge. Depending too much upon others can be unfruitful for us.

One of the bad thing about our brain is that it cannot change its preconception in shorter time. It takes time to accept the situation. I want to make you through example. Lets suppose you have a pet. After few years the pet dies. You may cry a lot due to emotional bonding with that pet. But after sometime you will feel normal.

Do you know why this happens??? It is due to our brain which cannot accept the death of your pet very soon. It needs to be counselled by conscious mind. Overall, I was trying you not to be over attached on anything otherwise it might be painful in coming days. Always remember meditation helps to empty(reprogram) your mind and knowledge helps to program it. Now it is you are what you feed your brain.

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