#11)”A Kindness story of Giving:The Generous Heart❤️❤️❤️” 

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“Be generous, not wasteful; give, not indiscriminately.”

1) The meaning of this kindness quote for kids: –

We humans are very unique beings. We have a habit of serving others without hoping for anything in demand. This is all due to our high level of consciousness. In our day-to-day language we call this act as a “humanity”.

Humanity is a very important concept of human civilization. It reminds us actually who we are. Kindness is a muscle. It is free. A kindhearted person is well respected in human society. They remain as an example for us even after their death (e.g.: -Buddha) ☸☸️☸️.

Serving others, helping the poor and having the good moral character are always fruitful for a person. So, this quote from Mahabharata is urging you to be a kind person📔📔📔. Now let’s start a story of Max and Tommy which teaches about the act of kindness has an ability to continue its legacy and humanity.

2) One short story on kindness and generosity: –

a kindness story

Once upon a time there was a small town called Harmonyville. A kind-hearted young man named Max used to live there. Max was known in his town for his generous nature. He was famous for his unwavering willingness to help needy people.

His good and kind and humble nature was famous among them. His name was taken as another word for generous man in the village🏠🏡🛖.

Generosity meant more than just giving according to Max. It meant giving with a genuine and open heart. He believed that being generous was not about indiscriminately showering everyone with gifts or money🏦🏦🏦.

It was about understanding the needs of others. It was an act of offering assistance where it would truly make a difference.

Max’s acts of generosity were not limited to material possessions. He had a generosity of spirit that was contagious. He used to think,” Kindness is my superpower.” He would lend a listening ear to those who were feeling down.

He offered words of encouragement and support. His friends often sought for his advice in their personal problems👯👯‍♀️👯. They knew that he would provide a thoughtful and compassionate psychological perspective. They used to think that kindliness is a virtue.

Max received an amazing news one day. His town’s community center was in desperate need of funds to continue operating their business🏧🏧🏧. He decided to make a generous donation from his own savings without hesitation.

Max knew that his gift was going to make a significant impact and bring joy to the people of Harmonyville.

News of Max’s donation spread quickly all over the town. The whole town was buzzing that particular news with practicing gratitude. They recognized Max as a true person. He gave a material support as well as shared his time and energy selflessly🌇🌇🌇.

Max’s generous spirit was not only limited to monetary contributions. He loved to work as a frequent volunteer on local soup kitchen🥘🍽️🥩. He served hot meals to the homeless and help the less fortunate people. A simple act of goodwill of Max was bringing a warmth and compassion on other people.

The meaning of generosity went far beyond the superficial materialistic ideas for Max. It was about showing affectionateness and empathy to others💁‍♂️💁‍♀️💁. We should help others even in the simplest of ways. Max believed that everyone had the capacity to be generous with their open hearts and minds.

A young boy named Tommy was coming to Max with tears in his eyes one day. He lost his parents, and he was alone. Tommy heard of Max as a man with a kind nature for being a good soul👻👻👻. He was seeking help from Max.

Max took the time to understand Tommy’s situation and realized what the boy needed most. He remembered gentleness is a language the deaf can hear. It was a stable home and a loving family which a boy needs at that time.

Max was moved by Tommy’s story. Max decided to take him in as his own. He was such a kind man. He offered Tommy a love, care, and support. He became a father figure to the young boy. Tommy flourished under Max’s guidance.

He learnt that warm-heartedness is free sprinkle that stuff everywhere. They together formed an unbreakable bond🪢🪢🪢. Tommy said ‘thank you for your generosity’ to Max.

Tommy grew up to be a man with a kind nature. He was good and kind and humble like his adoptive father. He knew about tender-heartedness was loaning someone his strength. Max’s legacy of kindness lived on through Tommy. He continued to make a positive impact on the lives of others🧑‍🏫👩‍🏫👨‍🏫.

Max’s legacy of tender-heartedness taught true meaning of generosity to the people of Harmonyville in the end. It was not about extravagant gifts or lavish donations. It was about the selfless acts of giving and the kindness that came from our heart🫀🫀🫀.

Max’s simple act of affection show about creating a world where everyone could find happiness by being generous.

3) My thinking on people and resemblance of their kindness story on the modern society.

Today it is believed that we are living a dark age in a cycle of earth called “Kali Yuga”. In this period most of the people are more selfish, greedy and they do not follow the principle of dharma. Do you know why this happens??? The answer to these questions is in your conscious brain🧠🧠🧠.

Consciousness is the power of brain which makes we humans different than other beings. When it is taken out from us then I think there is no difference between humans and animals. Goodwill is a magic and it is full of mystery.

Conscious power reminds us to follow the path of love, truth and non-violence. Although everyone in the society is not good but the act of affection hasn’t been finished yet. No act of gentleness is ever wasted. There are many people who are good and are ready to help others.

Kindness is the highest form of intelligence. We should respect these people and try to follow their path. Thank you.

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