#30) “Lily’s belief in Karma☮️☮️☮️: A Journey of Faith and Hope”

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“If you love, that love will come back to you, completing the circle.”

1) Meaning of this karma quotes:-

The quote about belief in karma explains the idea that when you express genuine love towards others. It has a tendency to return to you in some form. Love is cyclical nature. The love you give will return back to you. So, lets start a karma story of Lily👩👩👩.

2) The incredible story of karma:-

Belief in karma

Once upon a time there was a little town. A young woman named Lily used to live there. Lily was known for her the power of love❤️❤️❤️. She believed on coming back of a love in any form if you were loved someone from your heart. It was going to complete the circle of karma.

A friends of Lily often teased her about her “karma in love” theories. She was always remaining hopeful and never wavering in her faith. She had belief in karma and love which were intertwined with each other. They were two forces that could not be separated with each other👭👭👭. She found her loving actions was going to would eventually come back to her in a positive way.

One sunny afternoon, Lily met a charming young man whose name was Ethan🔆🔆🔆. They were instantly connected with each other. Their friendship quickly changed into an attraction. Lily loved Ethan from an inner core of her heart. But there was a catch – Ethan was not loving love her back. He was not sharing the same romantic feelings which she was holding for him.

Lily was continuously loving him despite knowing that Ethan was not loving her back. She believed that her love had a power to change his heart🫀🫀🫀. One day, Ethan was going to come her and return her love. Lily was saying to her friends, “If you love someone and set them free, they are going to come back to you.”

Lily was loving someone who was not loving her back. It was not easy for her. There were some times when doubt and insecurity was creeping into her mind🧠🧠🧠. She was in wonder if her love was in vain.  Her faith in the power of love and hope never wavered.

The favourite scripture of Lily verse was “faith, hope, and love.” She was finding strength in these words🈁🈁🈁. She believed that love is coupled with faith and hope. It was going to conquer any obstacle. She was beleiveing her love for Ethan was an expression of her faith. It was her hope and love for him.

The love of Lily for Ethan was not wavering with a passage of time. She was loving him from the moon and back🌛🌛🌛. She was willing to let him go if it was for his happiness. She believed that if she let him go and it was meant to be their path was going to cross again.

The universe was conspiring to bring them together on one fateful day. Ethan was also realizing the depth of love from Lily for him🧒🧒🧒. He was also understanding a sacrifice which were made by her. He realized an unwavering hope which was held by her. Something within him was getting changed at that time immediately. He was now realizing that he was not able to imagine a life without Lily.

Ethan was taking a leap of faith. He confessed his love for Lily in a last time⏳⏳⏳. He told her, “I love you till the moon and back.” He was feeling sorry for not realizing her pure love. Lily was crying by hearing those words from Ethan. She embraced him tightly into her shoulders. The circle of karma and love was completed in that moment.

An unwavering love and faith of Lily was able to  transform a heart of Ethan. He realized the true meaning of love. He came to know about the power which life was holding and was able to change a life of people🫂🫂🫂. Their story became a living testament to the age-old wisdom. If you love, that love will come back to you. It will complete the circle of karma.

Lily and Ethan were embarking on a new chapter of their life🧬🧬🧬. It was filled with love and hope. It was containing a deeper understanding of the real meaning of karma. Their journey together taught them the importance of letting go. It teaches about trusting in the power of love and never losing hope.

3) My belief in karma:-

Dear Reader,

Karma is a concept which is deeply rooted in various spiritual traditions. From my understanding, the concept of karma is a fundamental belief which is created by our actions as a chain of cause and effect🔗🔗🔗. It is going to determine our destiny.

The concept of karma suggests our current situation is related with our past action. It can emphasize a personal responsibility for the choices which is going to shape our future🔮🔮🔮. This is reminding our power to influence our life. We can do it through our actions and intentions.Karma is not limited to a single lifetime. It is extending across multiple lifetime of a person.

It is forming a continuous cycle of cause and effect. It is also suggesting that our actions in this life is going to have a consequences in our future life. It also encompasses an understanding of interconnectedness among of all living beings👭👭👭.

My understanding of concept karma is revolving around about our actions which have some consequences. We can face it beyond our current existence. The simple meaning of karma is you will get whatever you will give to others. Thank you👏👏👏.

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