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# 101)”Maya’ Yoga story: Finding Inner Peace Through it.”

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Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.”

1) Meaning of this Yoga quote about life: –

The phrase encapsulates an essence of yoga philosophy and its daily practice. Yoga is not only a physical exercise. It a holistic discipline which is aiming to bring a harmony. It is between our body, mind, and spirit. Here, “quieting the mind” refers to a process of calming a restlessness of a human mind.

People are seeking to achieve inner peace through various yogic techniques. They are meditation, mindfulness, and asanas (physical postures). This inner quietude allows a deep connection inside a person.

Yoga is also a path towards a spiritual growth. It is a mean to reduce our stress. It ultimately leads us to a balanced state. A state where our mind is no longer dominated by a racing thought.

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yoga story

Once upon a time there was a bustling city. A young woman named Maya used to live in that city. She was like a high-powered executive. She was constantly juggling the demands of her job and family. Maya was known for her efficiency.

There was also a whirlwind of stress beneath her composed exterior. She felt her life was a never-ending race. She was losing herself in it.

One day, Maya was leaving her office. She noticed a flyer for a yoga class. “Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind” was written on that note. She was feeling like a distant echo was calling her to say something. It was a mystery which she had never tried before. She decided to try it once in her life.

The first day of yoga class was like a revelation for Maya. She felt the calming music which embraced her senses. She noticed it as she stepped into the serene studio. The instructor greeted her with a warm smile. His name was Ananda.

Ananda began a class by teaching Maya to focus on her breath. She repeated silently to inhale and exhale her breath. She was letting go all chaos which was residing in her mind. She felt a tension was leaving her body with every stretch. Maya was like flowing through the poses of Yoga.

The poses were challenging her physically in the beginning. They also demanded her full attention. It was pulling her away from the endless stream of thoughts.

Maya attended those yoga classes faithfully as a good student. She was finding herself being both physically strong and mentally calmer.

The practice of yoga was teaching her to observe her thoughts without judgment. It was teaching to let them come and go like passing clouds. She was learning to quiet the restless mind. It was ruling her life.

Maya noticed a change in her daily life. She approached her work with a clarity and composure. She was now pausing and calmly thinking to respond any difficult situation.

Her colleagues also noticed a transformation. They admired her ability to handle stressful situations with a grace.

One evening, Maya was sitting in a quiet corner of her home. She was observing a burning candle. She realized about an impact of yoga on her life. It was not just a physical exercise. It was also a path to an inner peace.

She had learned that true strength of a person did not lie in the ability to conquer this world. It lied in an ability to conquer our own mind.

Maya’s family saw a woman inside her who had traded her hurried life. It was now filled with a purpose. They were also inspired to explore yoga. They were hoping to find a solace as Maya.

Maya became a certified yoga instructor after many years of her journey. She kept sharing her wisdom and experiences with others. She knew about a daily practice of yoga had the power to transform a life of an individual like her. She was thankful to that simple flyer that came to her one day.

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