the story of love and dependence

#8)The story of love and dependence必必必

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A Veena cannot exist without its strings. A chariot cannot exist without its wheels. Without her husband, a woman can never live happily even though she has a hundred sons.

1) Meaning of this dependent quote inEnglish:

A man has an emotional dependence on his family and vice versa. We may hear the term like, man and women are two sides of same coin. This statement is depicting about the importance of man and women in each others life. Here veena means the musical instrument which looks like a guitar.

Without its strings it is of no use. But when it is completed with strings then it produces a melodious sound. Likewise, it is very important to have a complete family member to be a happy family兩抽攻兩抽把佞兩抽把. Likewise, a family also have a strong faith on God to maintain their happiness.

So, lets begin a story of Meera who used to love a lot to her husband.

2) The story of love and dependence:

the story of love and dependence

Once upon a time there was a small village. A woman whose name was Meera used to live in that village. She was a loving and caring wife. She also had a strong love for husband. His name was Ramesh. Meera and Ramesh had a strong bond of love歹儭伐.

It was just like the strings of a Veena that create a beautiful music. It is played all things work together for good.

Meera was a cheerful and content woman. Her happiness was connected on Rameshs presence.

She felt incomplete without him just like a chariot without its power wheels. Meera had many children. They loved their mother dearly仃仃仃. Those childrens love even could not fill the void on her heart which was left by absence of Ramesh.

One day Ramesh had to go on a long journey to a distant land for his official work. Meeras heart totally sank for a while when she was bidding him for a farewell. The days turned into weeks and months.

Meeras subservience on Ramesh was growing stronger day by day. She was missing his comforting presence and his gentle touch. She was also remembering his loving words. Her days became dull. It was just like a flower without sunlight. 鳶鳶

Meera also had a financial dependence on husband. Her relation story was evident to the villagers♀. They saw her longing for return of her husband. They were even worried about her well-being. They knew that Meera could never be truly happy without a presence her beloved husband.

The village was also facing a foodcrisis in the meantime. The crops were drying up due to a severe drought. The villagers were relyingon each other for support and assistance. Theywere known for their interdependence. They worked together to find a solution to their problem妒妒妒.

A wise old man visited the village one day. He was from the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre. He had a deep understanding of helplessness and addiction. The villagers sought his guidance to help Meera儭儭.

The old man shared his vast knowledge. He told them that it is like a caffeine addiction or alcohol addiction. Meera relied on her husband for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This was as someone relies on caffeine or alcohol for comfort.

He explained that it was important to find a way for Meera. It helps her to become more self-reliant and emotionally independent woman. The villagers were determined to help Meera.They organized various activities and gatherings. They did it to distract her from absence of her husband.

They encouraged her to explore her talents. She was recommended by an old man to learn new skills and build relationships with others in the village允儭允儭允. Meera began to discover her own strengths and started relying less on Ramesh for her happiness.

The drought was finally ended as the months passed. The village flourished again. It was due to the villagers unity and their understanding of dependence and interdependence. Meera also got transformed during this time. She had become strong independent woman than before儭儭儭儭儭. She also continued expressing love for husband.

One day Ramesh also returned to the village. He was amazed to see the positive changes in Meera as he entered his home. She greeted him with a smile on her face. She was radiating joy and contentment. Ramesh realized that Meera had found her own happiness.

The villagers celebrated the reunion of Meera and Ramesh. They witnessed the beautiful transformation that had taken place in their village. They learned about dependence on someone can bring comfort and love. It is also essential to nurture ones own happiness. And also cultivate inter subservience within a community.

Meera and Ramesh lived a blissful life together fromthat day on. Their love created a harmonious melody like the strings of a Veena. The melody that echoed throughout the village. It reminded everyone of the power of love. They learnt about unity, and personal growth.

3) Emotional dependence resemblance with modern society.

Dear Reader,

This quote was taken from a famous epic named Ramayana. It is believed to be more than 10,000 old epics. It was the story of love. People used to have total dependence on God and beliefs. Modern society has changed a lot since then.

Todays peoples need and thoughts are not just limited to certain topics like war, family and agriculture抽樹兩樹抽. Nowadays people even choose to stay single or marry someone of their own gender.

But this doesnt mean that the teachings of ancient time are not fruitful. This quote is showing the dependence of man and women with each other in many more terms of life. It gives us a valuable knowledge so that we can have a happy family.

It teaches us importance of our partner (Love for husband and wife) and need of sacrifice in our life. Thank you!

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