#6)”Short story on passion: Embracing Life’s Magnificent Journey🛣️🛣️🛣️”

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“You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.” 

1) This passion quote explanation: –

Before starting a story on passion and girt, let me make you clear about this saying. This proverb was said by Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta. He told Arjun that every human in this world has a tendency to put very less effort on work🧑‍🏭🧑‍🏭🧑‍🏭.

On the other hand, they have a lot of expectations. This is the wrong way of thinking. A person should never desire the results of their work. It is because expectation is very painful.

A person must do his karma(work) and dedicate its good result to God, whatever may be its outcomes.  So, let’s begin a tale of a young man who is a normal human like you and me🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️. He later gets corrected by Lord Krishna’s Philosophy.

2) Short story on passion for life: –

Once upon a time there was a peaceful village. A young girl named Rosy used to live in that village. She was a kind person who was known for a willingness to help others. One sunny morning, her grandfather took her to the village garden. His name was Grandpa Sam.

Mr. Green was a person who used to work in work in that garden. They saw that wise old gardener, he was tending to his plants. Rosy noticed a lovingly care for the flowers by Mr. Green. She asked to him, “Grandpa Sam, why does Mr. Green work so hard? He does not sell the flowers at all.”

Grandpa Sam smiled by hearing those curious words.  He said to her, “Rosy, Mr. Green is teaching us a valuable lesson. He works with all his heart. But he does not expect anything in return.  Our ancient scriptures also teaches us a valuable lesson, ‘You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.'”

Rosy was confused by his statement. Grandpa Sam continued to tell its meaning, “It means, you should do your best, be a kind person, and work hard.  But You should not worry too much about its results. Your actions should come from a good heart. You should not do it just for rewards.”

Rosy understood his words. She said ,”I’ will do my best to help without expecting anything in return from today.”

Grandpa Sam smiled as his grand daughter have realized its meaning. He hugged her and said, “That is the spirit, Rosy. You should remember, when we do good, the world becomes a better place, and that is a wonderful reward in itself.”

Rosy understood that doing good deeds with love and kindness was the real treasure in life. It made her heart as happy as flowers in a garden.

3) My perception on passion of learning and finding its meaning: –

Dear Reader,
Every single man in this world wants to be something. Everyone wants to achieve a successful life. Some of you may say my passion is graphic design or another may say my passion is cooking. The one of the main key elements to gain it is through it.
It is everything. I mean to say, how badly a person is wanting to get that thing. So, you may think how to develop it. In order to develop it for life, you need to convince yourself what you really want.
Once your brain understands your desire then it will automatically motivate you towards that exact path🛣️🛣️🛣️. It will bring you to right path if you think,” I lost my passion for work.”
To convince your brain (I mean yourself) you should have the proper knowledge of how your brain works. You should go in front of mirror and say to yourself, “I want this thing” or ” I want to become this person”. Then, once your brain understands your command then it will start working for you.
I urge you to have your own meaning of this word. I get this knowledge from a book called the power of positive Thinking. So, I recommend you read this book daily📚📚📚. It will change your life, believe me. But you also should keep in mind few things.These are some tips that will inspire you to find your passion: –
1) Being a rich always doesn’t means being happy.
2) Give time to yourself, talk to yourself at least one hour a day. Read books to upgrade your knowledge.
3) Do not think too much about results of the work you have done. Dedicate it to God and hope for better results.
4) Remember that my(your) great passion is to help others.
I hope you have understood it well. Thank you!

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