#19) “The Enchanted Garden of Time⏱️⏱️⏱️: Where Time Thrives”

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“Time is the seed of the universe.”

1) Meaning of this garden of time quotes:-

This quote depicts the role of time in a creation of our universe. Time is considered as one of the fundamental dimensions along with space. Garden of Time is referring to a mental space inside a person. A person can contemplate the past, present, and future inside his mind🧠🧠🧠.

We can interpret time in a few ways:
• Origin and Creation: Time is connected to the concept of the beginning of the universe.
• Evolution and Change: Time is essential for the evolution of the universe.

•Cause and Effect: Time establishes a cause-and-effect relationship. Here events occur in a particular order and one event leads to another.

Time is considered as fundamental aspect of the universal existence. It is from its origins to its evolution and ongoing processes. So, lets start a short story on time, a story of lily and her vision about time.

2) Short story on time is precious:-

Garden of time

Once upon a time there was a small town. It was situated below a hillside of a country. A curious girl used to live there whose name was Lily. Lily was intrested in the mysteries of the universe🌐🌐🌐. She was really fascinated by the concept of time.

She loved to stargaze at night and dream about possibilities existing beyond the the sky 🎆🎆🎆.She always wanted to roam in the field of time. One sunny afternoon Lily was sitting on  a porch. She spotted a peculiar seed which was lying on the ground. It was not like any seed which she used to see before.

It was glimmerimg with a golden hue. It was also seeming to radiate an energy in all direction. Lily got curious to know more about it. She decided to plant that seed in a backyard of her house 🏠🏠🏠.

She dug a small hole. She gently placed a seed inside a hole and covered it with soil. “I  am wondering about this magical seed and its plant,” she was pondering with an excitement. She knew little about this seed.It held a power to unlock the secrets of time. She waited her plant of time to flourish. Days started turning into weeks and months.

Lily was waiting eagerly to see a growth of her plant🪴🪴🪴.The seed began to sprout in a same time. The soil was once barren but now it was transformed into a vibrant garden. It was filled with colorful flowers and green grasses. Lily was more surprised to know that time was acting differently in her garden than other places. She said your time is up my time is now to her older version.

She sat near the flowers. She noticed that time was apparently slower in her watch⌚⌚⌚. The time was behaving in a different way than normal place. The seconds ticked very slowly. Lily felt every passing moment like an eternity. The flowers were blooming with an unique fragrance. The birds were singing their songs in a melodious symphony.

Lily time became like a haven where time used to dance in its own rhythm. She was spending hours and hours in that garden🌷🌷🌷. She lost herself in a stillness of enchanting place. It became a secret hideaway for her. It was a place where she goes by escaping from the hustle and bustle of the world. She was immersing herself in the magic of time.

A news of an extraordinary garden time spread in a town of Lily. People from far away came to experience its wonders. They sat in the garden to learn about value of time in our life. 

They were cherishing the gift of time that seemed to stretch infinitely. The garden became a symbol of hope and tranquility. It reminded everyone that time is a precious gift and we should savor its value.

The garden of time was carrying a piece of its magic in a heart of people👫👫👫. Lily’s garden was growing more magnificent with a passage of time. It became a place where dreams used to become true.It  allowed people to connect with their deepest aspirations. The garden was like a sanctuary for the human spirit.

Lily is now an old woman. She was sitting on her porch and she can still control herself. She was reminisced about an incredible journey in her life. She was embarked on  a garden where she planted that mysterious seed. The time had brought so much joy and wonder into her life. It also brought same feelings to other people.

Lily understood the truth behind her garden’s magic during twilight of her years. Time was not a constraint moment for anyone. It was a seed from which gave birth to the universe🌐🌐🌐. It allowed to flourish a dream of a person.

Lily closed her eyes with a contented smile on her face. She knew that her time is going to inspire and enchant an upcoming generations. She even gave speech on a value of time🕙🕙🕙. It will be reminding them time as not only a measurement. It is a gateway to an endless possibilities.

The legend of Lily’s garden of time reminded us that time is the seed of the universe. It lies within the magic of life itself.

3) My tips to improve time Time Management:-

Dear Reader,
I am writing this paragraph on value of time in our life. We can make our time better by having some ideas. Today I am going to share you my basic ways to manage time wisely. Here I will discuss the importance of time management for students. It can be also applicable in other professionals life.
Have you ever wondered we all have 24 hours in a day but some are very much rich and some are poor. Why it happens??? The answer is Time. It depends upon how many hours of a day will you spend on productive things. If you keep scrolling social media then you are not going to gain anything.
But if you learn some online earning skills then it may help to support your family. Go to YouTube and watch the views count of pranks and roast videos. There you will find their views in few millions. Then search for how to make money online. You will find the views count again in millions.
Now search for those 1-hour long videos where a person is actually teaching a technique of free lancing, blogging or affiliate marketing. Watch its views count. I can confirm that it will be less than the views than above mentioned topics.
This things teaches you about the world. The first topic views count explains that everyone want entertainment in this world. Most of the people waste their time in this way. The second video suggests everyone want to earn money faster and want to be happier. The third one is the number of people who is actually investing their time to make money. Now choose in which category do you fall.
I can manage my time because I know its value very well. So, work when others are busy in entertainment. You will see the results. It takes 6 months for a plant to produce rice. Now you may have understood about your own garden of time where you will have enough time to complete your work. You should have a patience. Thank you.

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