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#13)”The five senses story and an adventure🏔️🌋⛰️. “

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“The senses, they say, are the horses; the objects of sense, what they range over.”

1) Meaning of this 5 senses quote: –

This quote is from the Katha Upanishad, and it is comparing our power of senses with gallop of horse🎠🎠🎠. You may have heard about our brain as a monkey which jumps here and there and is very difficult to control senses. In the same way this book is depicting these factors as horses which runs here and there.

They are very hard to control by a normal human but can be done by regular practice meditation. So, let’s begin a tale where they function together to maintain a balance in human body.

2) The five senses story for kids with moral in English short: –

The 5 senses story

Once upon a time there were five friends. They were called the 5 Senses. They used to live in a world. It was full of wonders. Each of them had a special talent that made them very unique from others👂👃👁️👅. They were interested to explore their world and discover new things.

The name of first was sense of sight. He was able to see all beautiful colors and shapes around him. He often got lost in the vibrant hues of the flowers in a garden🪴🪴🪴. His best friend’s name was Hearing. She was able to hear melody of birds.

She had a power of sense of hearing. They loved to dance with a rhythm of the wind and sing a song along with nature. Taste was a jolly fellow who lived on the tongue.  He was filled with thousands taste buds.  It allowed him to enjoy different flavors of a food.

He loved to savor a sweetness of chocolate. He was a kind of an expert in taste psychology. His best friend was Smell. She was gifted a spiritual sense of smell. She could detect fragrance of flowers and scent of freshly baked cookies🍪🍪🍪. The last member of the group was Touch.

He had got a very important job. He was blessed with a tactile sense which allows him to feel everything around him. He loved to feel a softness of a puppy’s fur and the warmth of a hug. He was always there to give comfort and sense of touch activities.

One day the five friends were playing in the meadow🦗🦗🦗. They heard a mysterious sound. It was a low hum which seemed to vibrate through the air. They were curious to know about it. Curiosity was suddenly sparked in them. They followed the sound to its source.

They were surprised hearing a sound. They stumbled upon two new friends in a same time. They had never met before. They were Proprioception and Interoception. Proprioception had a keen sense of body awareness. It was able to feel the position of their limbs and muscles💪💪💪.

Interoception was able to feel a deep sense of the body’s internal state. (eg:-hunger and thirst.) The new friends introduced themselves to old group. They also warmly welcomed their new friends to their group. They were so excited to share their experience.

They were part of a same team👬👭👫. They were working with together to help humans. Each of had a unique role to play for well-functioning of human body. The friends discovered even more feelings as time went on. It was the vestibular sense. It helped with balance and the direction↖️↗️↘️.

It was guiding human in their journey. They learned about a complexity of human body. It possessed amazing abilities. The seven-sensation embarked on many adventures together. They explored the wonders of a nature.

They were unravelling mystery of this world. They brought joy in a life everyone🧬🧬🧬. They realized about their unity which made them stronger . They thought to create magic in a life of humans by working together.

They continued their journey. They were cherishing their ability which was unique. They were creating brighter world. They were making a more vibrant place. They wanted to create a symphony of sensations.

It would bring happiness to all by embracing their differences. They wanted to celebrate their unity. They roamed through their lands. They spread laughter, colors, flavors, scents, and touches🖍️🎨🖍️. They discovered that they were not only a friend.

They were like a family. They were family of senses that entwined in the tapestry of life forever.

3) My practice to control my feelings.

Dear Reader,

Today I am talking about my personal practice with you. I have been learning meditation for three years. In these years I have learnt a lot about our brain and its functioning. The 5 senses are the things through which every human is controlled 🤯🤯🤯. I came to realize that even I am also controlled by my feeling.

When you practice meditation, your consciousness will increase and then you will start noticing it. I am not so perfect but still learning about inner sense spirituality, yoga and meditation👻👻👻.

We cannot gain anything from meditation, but it takes our ego, short tempered anger, and helps us to be a better person in a spiritual sense. Thank you.

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