The Joyful story on progress

#12) “The Joyful story on progress: Lily’s Sensory Adventure🧭🧭🧭” 

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“Progress comes swiftly to those that try their hardest.

1) Explanation of this short famous quote for progress: –

This saying about progression is depicting the meaning of success. It is not about achieving something in one day. It takes a continuous effort for an achievement. Progress learning is a long process. Let me talk about an example of story of Lord Ram.

He was ordered by his father king Dashrath to leave his kingdom for fourteen years. During that period of 14 years, Lord Ram visited school to school gaining a lot of knowledge. Later his wife Sita was kidnapped by a demon king Ravana👹👹👹.

Ravana was supposed to be a person with vast resources of knowledge who used to rule the modern day, Sri Lanka. He forgot that a little learning is a dangerous thing. Later Ravana was defeated by ram in the battlefield. It is because Lord Ram has practiced the battle techniques day and night.

On the other hand, Ravana, due to his ego, he was too late to convince his own brother Vivisan who had joined Ram’s side. As a result, Lord Ram won that battle. So learning is a complex set of processes and hard work is a key component of forward movement in human life.

Let us begin a story of Lily who finally succeed after many attempts in her journey🪜🪜🪜.

2) Short story on progress with moral in English: –

The Joyful story on progress

Once upon a time there was a colorful village called Joyville. A curious young girl used to live there whose name was Lily. Lily was fascinated by the world around her. She was constantly seeking new adventures in her daily life.

She loved exploring the sights of her vibrant surroundings. Lily believed that her senses were like horses🎠🎠🎠. It helped to guide her in a journey of her life. She had imagined her every sense like a trusty steed. It was ready to gallop into an unknown realm.

Lily felt her senses as her companions. Lily woke up one sunny morning. She was brewing an idea in her mind. She wanted to understand about the learning experience. She only knew the word “progress”. She wanted to know it’s meaning in English and Urdu.

So, she set off on her quest for knowledge in her life. Lily walked briskly to a library of her village. She was really excited to unravel the mysteries of onward movement. She went through every book one by one📔📕📖. She had a strong urge to become a reading specialist. She knew that progress is not linear.

She discovered that a meaning of advancement was moving forward, growing, and improving. She thought it was like a journey where every step was counted and was connected with each other.🔗🔗🔗 The meaning of progress was moving ahead and achieving goals in English.

In Urdu, it was known as “Taraqqi,”. A beautiful word that conveyed the same sense of advancement and development.

Lily was not satisfied with just knowing the meanings of few words. She wanted to witness her improvement in her action. She wanted to see progress unfolding right before her eyes.👀👀👀 She decided to embark on an adventure with this newfound determination in her life.

Lily went to the heart of a Joyville. It was the place where artisans and craftsmen worked tirelessly on their projects. They were famous for their story on learning from mistake which was done in their past. She observed a potter molding a clay and making utensils.

He was carefully shaping it into a beautiful vase. The potter’s betterment was evident, as each twist and turn brought the clay closer to perfection. Next, Lily went to a construction site. Builders were hammering and erecting a magnificent house in that site👷👷‍♀️👷‍♂️.

She was marveled at the advancement in which they were making a building by joining piece by piece. The foundation was laid, and walls were rose of a building. A happy family was going to get have a new home very soon. Lily also discovered that sometimes progress was slow and steady.

She encountered with a gardener who was meticulously tended to a tiny seedling. She was also learning to garden in home with him. He was watering it every day. It was provided with a sunlight and care. ☀️☀️☀️ The seedling was going to a magnificent tree over time.

It was a testament to the gardener’s patience and perseverance. Lily discovered that progress was not limited to objects and tasks. It was extended to personal growth as well. She met an old man named Herbert Croly. He was the one from whom Lily had learn about wisdom.

He said that meaning of betterment was getting better at something. Slow progress was a still progress It is the process of constantly learning for a sake of knowledge and evolving📑📑📑. Lily was inspired by Herbert’s words. She realized that the learning journey was a lifelong endeavor. It was not just about reaching to a destination. It was about embracing the journey itself🛣️🛣️🛣️.

She understood that advancement was the key to a fulfilling life. Lily felt a renewed sense of purpose with her senses as her guide. She realized that growth was not something to be afraid of. It was something to embrace. She came to know that progress was impossible without a change. She returned to Joyville after some time.

Lily never stopped seeking growth from that day. She understood that the learning experience was like a symphony. It was like each note blending into the next, creating a masterpiece. Lily cherished the world around her continued to change and evolve.

She knew that every step she took was a step forward into a brighter future🌆🌆🌆.

3) My thinking on learning to learn books by progressive mind: –

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered why the topper of our class always becomes first. Why a rich always remains rich? Let me tell you one secret thing. Toppers getting always better result is not that what we think. It is not about only physical hard work.

It is mainly about mindset. Yes, my friend you read it right, it is a mindset which makes a person success. There are people in society who are rich but sad. There are others too who are rich and even happier.

So, in order to improve your lifestyle, you need to improve your mindset first. Once your mind becomes competitive you will start observing results🧾🧾🧾.

You may think how to shape your mindset. Knowledge is the key my friend. Have you seen Bill Gates giving motivational speeches? Once go to his Instagram profile. There you will see his photos where he is recommending others to read books.

Giving good knowledge to yourself can solve a lot of problems. I personally read the power of subconscious mind in order to understand how our brain works. 💰💰💰I don’t guaranty that you will be a millionaire or surrounded by paparazzi.

But you will change your vision towards your life. You should wake up early and start doing meditation for half hour (plus half hour exercise). Then start reading books and apply that knowledge in your life. It will be very beneficial for you, my friend.

Learning to learn books is a habit. Read same book 2 times, 4 times how much times you can. Try to read more books. Then you will feel a change. I hope this story has helped you. Thank you.

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