#33) “The Power of a Selfless Service👷👷👷: A Journey of Fulfillment”

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 “Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires.”

1) Meaning of this selfless quotes: –

A selfless service can be defined as an act of putting a need of other people before our needs. It is done without expecting anything in return♻️♻️♻️. The importance of selflessness extends to a different aspect in our life. Eg:- In the selfless army, individuals willingly dedicate themselves in order to serve their nations. They sacrifice their personal comforts and provide safety to citizens.

2) Story on a selfless service:-

Selfless service

Once upon a time there was a small village which was situated near the hills. Maya was a young girl who used to live there. She used to spend her days with big dreams and desires💭💭💭. But her village was blessed with a limited number of resources. Maya was a person who believed in the power of helping people with money. She was willing to do it despite the challenges in her life. 

Maya was understanding about a meaning of “fulfill” which was to bring a satisfaction to something. She knew a meaning of fulfilling her desires which meant to make them come true🫡🫡🫡. She also knew about a synonym of fulfill which was accomplish.

Maya was being driven by her desire to fulfill her wishes. She was deciding to dedicate her in different ways to serve people. She defined a selfless service in her own words📖📖📖. It was about helping others without expecting anything in return. Maya believed that she was going to find fulfillment and bring a joy. She was going to help poor and helpless people.

A heart of Maya was full of compassion. She started her service journey by helping the elderly in her village🏞️🏞️🏞️. She was assisting them by helping them in their daily activities. She even listened to their stories without any hesitation. She saw a lovely smile on their faces. Her life was filled with a fulfillment and purpose.

An act of selflessness was also noticed by her villagers. People in her village admired a dedication and sincerity. They started joining Maya in her mission to fulfill the requirements of their community. They were working together in order to improve their village. They were even creating a better life for everyone🫂🫂🫂.

One day Maya met a young girl named Lila. Lila was dreaming to be a doctor. It was due to lack of a resources to pursue her studies. Maya was in her determination to fulfill a dream of Lila👩👩👩. She went to a council of her village and explained a situation of Lila.  They managed to secure a scholarship for Lila with a full support of their community. It helped her to study in a field of medicine.

Maya was witnessing a joy and gratitude of Lila. Maya was even feeling a self-fulfillment. She realized that she was going to bring more happiness in her life when she fulfills a dream of other people. It was more than fulfilling her own. Maya understood about self-fulfillment which means finding a satisfaction in our life. It is done by making a positive impact on a life of other people🫂🫂🫂.

Maya continued her journey of selfless sacrifice. More and more people sought her help.  Maya became known as the wish-fulfiller of the village. She received numerous requests to fulfill wishes. It was from fulfilling basic needs to fulfilling ambitious goals✌️✌️✌️. They were ranging from small favors to life-changing opportunities.

Maya remained committed to her mission despite the increasing demands👩👩👩. She established a network of volunteers. They helped her fulfill the wishes of the villagers. They created a culture of selflessness and fulfillment together. The place where everyone contributed to the betterment of the community.

A story of Maya was spreading beyond his village🪝🪝🪝. It inspired others to embrace living a selfless life. It was to fulfill our life by helping other people. Her acts of kindness and dedication was touching a heart of many people. They started to recognize a power of fulfilling a desire of someone else. 

A journey of Maya was teaching everyone that they were going to unlock their full potential through a selfless sacrifice. It was also going to fulfill their own desires in this process. They realized about a fulfillment which was not just about personal achievements⭐⭐⭐. It is about happiness and well-being of other people around them.

Her village was thriving when a need of all people of the village were fulfilled by Maya. The villagers also discovered that true fulfillment was going to come from uplifting one another. They were not only fulfilling their dreams💭💭💭. They were also fulfilling a dreams of an entire community.

The ways to serve people of Maya was like a beacon of hope and inspiration. It was reminded everyone that they were able to fulfill not only their desires through acts of kindness🪖🪖🪖. They were also able to create a world where fulfillment was abundant for all.

3) Buddha’s teaching on living a selfless life:-

Dear Reader,

Buddha was a great philosopher who emphasized the selfless service as a path to inner peace🕊️🕊️🕊️. He was teaching about a true happiness which can be found by serving other people without self-interest. Buddha encouraged his followers to cultivate a compassion and engage in acts of kindness.

We should not seek any personal gain. Individuals can transcend the ego-driven desires by selflessly serving others. One can spread and learn the core teachings of Buddha by practicing selfless service. They can contribute to the welfare of all beings🧔‍♂️🧔‍♂️🧔‍♂️.

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