#16) “The Ultimate Power of Truth💯💯💯: The Triumph”

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“Truth can not be suppressed and always is the ultimate victor.”

1) Meaning of this telling the truth quotes:-

It suggests that the power of truth is an unstoppable force that can prevail itself in any form. It conveys an idea about truth as it cannot remain hidden despite many attempts to conceal it. It will assert itself as a winner at last🏆🏅🥇.

Truth holds a power and resilience. Truth possesses an inherent quality that enables it to withstand attempts to curb it. It eventually emerges as a winner in overall. It suggests about hiding the truth is same as a habit of lying🤥🤥🤥. We cannot permanently deny this factor.

It can be applied in personal relationships, politics, or even historical events. So lets begin a story on truth always pays of Thomas who was well known for his honesty👑👑👑.

2) Short story on truth and honesty:-

Power of truth

Once upon a time there was a small village. A truth teller used to live in that village whose name was Thomas. Thomas was known for his unwavering commitment to honesty . He spoke truth even in a face of adversity situation😊😊😊. It was really amazing habit of Thomas. He believed in truth which could not be suppressed by any means. It would always emerge as a victorious in the end.

One day the village was enveloped in a mysterious fog. It was seeming to cloud minds of those villagers. The fog made it difficult for anyone to see clearly and understand the truth. It had created a chaotic atmosphere☁️☁️☁️. It was an atmosphere where false rumors spread like wildfire.

Thomas was facing a moment of truth in this condition. He realized about his responsibility to bring back clarity and restore truthfulness in his village🏘️🏚️🏠. He knew that the fog was not going to hide in a self-evident truth for a long period of time.

Thomas gathered all of his his courage. He set out to speak about truth to power. He said that the truth is out there. He went from house to house. He was reminding people about the importance of honesty and a truth is stranger than fiction. The universal truth which could not be ignored by anyone🌏🌎🌍. His words also resonated with all villagers. They were waiting for someone who can break through cloud of misinformation and show them a reality.

Thomas often said something in vino veritas. He quoted the Latin phrase which means “there is a truth in wine.” He used this phrase to encourage the villagers to find the hidden truth inside themselves. They should be brave in speaking truth with a loud voice🔊🔊🔊.

There were some people who did not follow a message of Thomas. They preferred to manipulate truth in order to serve their own interests. They saw Thomas as a threat to their power. They made a plan to discredit him after that day.

Thomas continued to speak the honest truth although it was painful for him. He knew about the bitter truth which was hard to swallow by every person. A truth is subjective and it was also necessary for growth and progress of his personality. The villagers began to realize about the painful truth and its value💍💍💍. It was more useful than the false promises which they were feeding since their beginning of life.

The fog slowly lifted with a passage of time. It was also revealing about the unspoken truth was hidden a long period of time. Thomas’s dedication to honesty had paid him a lot. The villagers saw the ring of truth in his words⭕⭕⭕. They embraced the gospel truth which was brought to them by Thomas.

An unwavering commitment to truth of Thomas was triumphed over the false truths. The wrong truth had held the village captive. A victory 🙌🙌🙌of the eternal truth was seen by all villagers. They came to knew that it was impossible to suppress truth.

The village learned about subjective truths and false narratives which could never withstand the test of time. The objective truth was only one which has a power to bring clarity and understanding in thier life🧬🧬🧬.

Thomas’s journey as a truth teller was teaching many valuable lessons to him. He was thinking that the truth is rarely pure and never simple. He realized about not telling the truth was a disservice decision to himself as well as for others. The honest truth could be sometimes hard to accept for a person.  It was also capable to bring about positive change and we should not forget this phase of an honest truth🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘.

The villagers embraced the truth and celebrated its ultimate victory. Thomas emerged as their hero in the end of a story📔📕📗. They understood that truth was going to prevail on any time. Its hardship to uncover was not too much mattered. They vowed to uphold truthfulness in their lives. They were never shy and running away from speaking the truth.

3) My personal belief on living a truthful life:-

Dear Reader,
As a one of the follower of Buddha I am going to share you about philosophy leading a truthful life according to him. He said that these three things cannot be hidden. They are:-
• The Sun
• The Moon &
• The truth.
Normally, truth is considered as exact incident which had happened in a physical world. But the core concept of truth varies according to person.
Buddha, on the other hand, taught about four noble truths. It is related to suffering which is faced by every organisms.The first truth is the truth of suffering. It acknowledges that suffering is an inherent part of human existence.
The second truth is the truth of the origin of suffering. It points to desire and attachment as the root causes of suffering.
The third truth is the truth of the cessation of suffering. It suggests that by eliminating desires, suffering can be transcended.
The fourth truth is the truth of the path to the cessation of suffering. It presents the Eightfold Path as a means to achieve liberation from suffering.
The Eightfold Path consists of eight interconnected factors. They are:-
• Right View,
• Right Intention,
• Right Speech,
• Right Action,
• Right Livelihood,
• Right Effort,
• Right Mindfulness and
• Right Concentration.
This concept of truth was given by Buddha thousands of years ago. It us still accepted by millions of people of global society. Truth always do not means to those things which we see. This is an ultimate concept of truth. Thank you.

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